This site has been a long time coming. I stopped blogging a little over a year ago on my personal blog mainly because I felt the site wouldn’t let me showcase the type of content I wanted to produce, specifically my photography. Over the past year I have thrown around ideas on how to create something better. A few mock sites were created early on, but after a few days I would fall out of love with them. Finally I saw this great tutorial on building a draggable image box. After playing around with the demo, I knew I could harness the base of this demo, and build something that I would enjoy using.

It took many hours to customize things the way I wanted, but a hurt knee, and a lot of rain powered me through it. This site, This Timeless Moment is the end result. Enjoy.

Thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Robert

    I don’t know why I felt I had to search for Timeless Moments this evening – but I did. I am familiar with the majority of the pictures, but I they impress me again. I liked the descriptions and background information that you included in your Blog, perhaps a few could be added here too. Nice work – hope you knew heals up soon.

  2. stefan

    Good find Rob. I haven’t officially launched it yet, as I want to add some more photos first – but glad you liked it.

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